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The experience on Earth is one of the most complete for the spirit. Although at times it is hard for you to believe it, everything you do contributes to the great affirmation of the One.

Life in densities is lost among the illusions of separation. Reality is diluted between what you believe about yourselves and what you really are.

Life on Earth is pure spontaneity, although everything follows a divine order and logic. Do not be afraid to experiment. Feel. Live. Remember that your emotions are just energies in motion; and however strong they may seem, they will also transform.

Take all this energy and make art. Write. Paint. Sing. Make poetry. Your creative energy is expressed in emotionality. Live it, feel it, because there is also valuable information there for the great spirit that you are.

Move from that place and feel. Where will you go next? Where is your emotion driving you to? What is it asking of you?

Feel it. Take it in your hands. Look at it. Thank it and, now, let it go.

Let it continue its course and spread through life like all energy.

With love,

Chamuel and Michael



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