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We are the intraterrestrial beings of the water. We live in the depths of the Atlantic in huge etheric cities that many of you have already heard of. We are guardians and at the same time we are siblings of the same path.

We are your siblings. Many of you have connected with us in dreams, unconsciously when you connect with the sea, or even through guided meditations. We are here to deliver a concrete message to you.

The Earth is rising to a new time. We have held the interplanetary consciousness for eons of time and now it is your turn to expand the planetary consciousness on Earth.

Your voice is a universal sound. Your consciences express the voice of the Earth. As you experience consciousness expansion and release outdated records from your field, the Earth lightens her consciousness.

You are essential for the transition to a new timeline in light. We need your commitment to transformation. Connect with us. We will guide you in dreams to transcend and raise the frequency of your records.

We are intraterrestial beings of the Atlantic, siblings of the same path guiding the Earth in its transition.



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