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The countdown begins... tick tock... tick tock... Transformation speeds up... tick tock... tick tock... The new world is coming... tick tock... tick tock. .. We advance towards the new humanity.

Humans, come and smile. Come to meet the New World. Come we are waiting for you. Get ready for the big leap. Prepare for the alchemy that will take place in your hearts. Prepare for the New Time.

Focus your attention on the present, what can you do today that will bring you closer to the future that you are longing for? What can you think today, feel, say that will bring you closer to the future?

We are the humanity of the future coming to meet you. We have lovingly watched the new dawn and we thank you for taking the leap. We are the ones for whom you are shaping the future. We are your descendants and at the same time we are yourselves. Does it sound weird to you? You will understand. Let yourselves be guided by the heart. You are already crossing to the New World and there we will all meet together.

We are your future and you are our ancestors. We are your dreams materialized. Advance. Walk. The New Time has already been created. Advance. Walk without fear. The New Time is already here.

We are your Pleiadian brothers, your past and your future. Move forward united in love and cooperation. We will guide you.

Pleiadian Brotherhood



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