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Who dares to question himself, dares to expand his consciousness; and by doing so, he becomes free of himself.

Humans have been yearning for freedom for decades. You have established an internal and external struggle in search of freedom. You had forgotten that freedom is a state of consciousness.

You are free when you recognize yourselves as such. You are free when you embrace your inner creator. You are free when you understand that there are no external struggles to win and that the battle has always been waged against yourselves.

The fight ends for those who consciously decide to take care of themselves, for those who decide to reconcile with themselves.

You have come to Earth by will and service. You have incarnated to discover who you are. If you are reading this message today it is because you have also chosen to reconcile your internal struggle in this incarnation.

Return to your center. Use the tools that we propose today.

Established a bridge between your heart and your mind. Bring your hands to your chest and feel how your mind is illuminated with the light of your heart. Say to the mind:

"It is time. I choose to reconcile my ego and my inner truth. I am free. I am free. I am free."

Gabriel and Chamuel



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