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Use your mind to focus on your path to freedom. If you have come this far, you have come to find a way to manage the mental turmoil that usually occupies your mind.

The human mind is a creative mind. It constantly creates possibilities that will not happen, but are left open in the unconscious as possibilities.

Your mission is to manage the turmoil. Bring your attention to the space between your thoughts and your emotions. There is a few seconds difference between the thought cloud and its emotional effect. That space of time is magical, because it is there that you can catch the thought and release it.

When you release it, think about what other positive thought you could replace it with. Any friendly, funny thoughts? or Is there any real fact that opposes weight to the catastrophe that you have imagined?

Laugh at you. Laugh and enjoy your creative ability. Laugh and feel the enormous ability you have to create what you set your mind to.

Now, in this moment, make yourself comfortable and visualize a golden light in the middle of your brain. Allow this golden light to permeate all the spaces within your brain.

Hold this visualization for several seconds.

Breathe. Inhale deeply. Exhale through your nose.

Connect with the pulse of your heart and manifest the intention to connect it to the pulse of the Original Source.

If you are prepared, and you wish so, we will come to you to teach you how to manage your emotional pulse. Call us and we will be there.

Chamuel, Michael and Raphael



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