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Close all the points that have been left open so far. Close each chapter of your history in love, acceptance and understanding. Learning to close cycles is as important as learning to consciously open them.

Life is a constant rebirth, it is a process of death and transformation in many versions of yourself. Let go of pain, let go of attachment to suffering, because pain is a sign of a lack of understanding of your past. What do you need to understand? What do you need to forgive? What are you still not accepting?

Complaining about the present is a symptom of attachment to the past. The present is the only real instant, it is the only thing that truly exists. The present is the moment in which light decides its path towards eternity.

Do not be afraid to forgive your past, you are not losing anything.

Do not be afraid to feel free and loved again.

Do not be afraid to wake up again with a smile on your face.

Do not fear the future if you have already finished your past in light.

Love is disinterested, love for being pure love, love is free. Free of ties, free of disappointments, of fears and ghosts. Love is a driving force of energy in constant motion, always inviting you to take your true place on Earth, to surrender to who you are. And you are not fear, pain or anguish. You are also happiness, joy and fulfilment. Look at both sides of the coin. Accept that both faces exist in you.

Discover, then, what you have not yet seen of that painful situation. Ask yourself:

  • What is the other side of this situation?

  • What do I need to see that I have not yet understood about this situation?

  • What is the lesson from this life experience?

Now close it. Imagine that the whole scene, the people, the emotions are wrapped in a violet bubble and offer your bubble to the Life. It will take care of transcending everything.

Rest. Breathe and release your voice. Sing, sing a song of joy, for you have granted yourself your own freedom. Cry and let your waters heal your heart.

That is it.

Archangel Michael, Chamuel and Uriel.


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