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Every word has a resonance. Each word emits a vibration that is felt by other beings on the same frequency.

If your communication is of low frequency, your vibration will be perceived by beings with the same vibrational frequency. Hence, if you deliver hateful words, do not expect to receive comfort. At the same time, if you use kind words hoping to manipulate your interlocutor, do not expect to receive sincere affection.

Being aware of your communication and the intention with which you communicate will help you to perceive more clearly the vibrational frequency of the other when communicating. You will be able to perceive when the other is lying to you and when he is in coherence with himself.

Do not blame the other for what you have not yet been able to make conscious. When your communication is conscious, that is, your intention is coherent with what you genuinely want to receive, you can teach others to share their thoughts honestly.

Align your heart and your thinking. Express what you genuinely want or need.

Archangel Chamuel and Gabriel


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