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The proper transmission of information from the unconscious to the conscious is only possible when both parties are aligned to act accordingly.

Your unconscious has a wealth of powerful information, it keeps records of all your life experiences, that of your ancestors and that of the collective. Traveling to the unconscious is like getting lost in an ocean of information from which infinite answers emerge. In your unconscious there is a record of all the polarities in every aspect of your life, in every memory. When you make both polarities conscious, you embrace the neutrality of the lived experience.

Review now an episode of your life. Find there the magnetic polarity; that is, everything that led you to enter the depths of your emotional world. Get it out. Bring it to the front. Look it in the eye. Remember every part of the emotional experience.

Now, find in that experience the electrical polarity:

What is it that you learned? What is it that you were encouraged to do thanks to that life experience?

What is it that you stopped doing?

What is there that still needs to be done?




¿Do you see it? You have integrated both polarities. Every life experience brings you a chance to understand yourself from different angles. Every life experience brings with it a reward for the soul; that is to say, the possibility of repairing the charges and bringing them to the neutrality where the One is integrated.

Do not get confused in the emotional whirlwind, because behind each emotion there is an energetic current mobilizing an exquisite life experience.

That is all.

Michael, Chamuel, Samuel



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