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The Sun's light accompanies you in this transition. The Sun emanates galactic information through its energy. Its light not only engenders life on Earth, it also brings updated information about the galaxy, interplanetary movements, and the different times and spaces that exist in the Universe.

Request assistance from the Sun. Connect with its energy. Ask it to update your gears and to activate the new planetary information in you.

The human consciousness aligns itself with the Earth and with the Sun. In this alignment it finds alignment with itself, since it understands that it is a single universal organism.

You will not be able to understand the stars if you do not yet connect with the Earth. You will not understand the Earth if you do not connect with the stars, since both are parts of the same organism.

Your mission as a human is to awaken this consciousness of unity in you. All the ordered and separated pieces are a perfect gear, which from other dimensional spheres does not understand its order or its structure. Only from your dimension we can understand who we are in each dimensional sphere in which we inhabit.

Take your power, human, and experience life. If you have come to do so, what is the fear of making mistakes?

There is no error when experimentation is conscious. There is no mistake when experimentation arises from love. Keep it up. Experiment. Dare to do it. Direct your life.

Metatron and Raphael



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