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The restructuring of human DNA is imminent. Humans have learned that their DNA is limited, but in it lies the connection with divinity.

As you awaken to the Being within you, you open up to the understanding of higher layers of consciousness that encompass all of your potentials. These have always been there asleep looking to be awakened.

Your original DNA is made up of 12 multidimensional strands. In each of them is kept an aspect of the origin of your divinity. Awakening all the layers will lead you to a deep recognition of who you are.

You can awaken the DNA with mantras already channeled in Hebrew, also known as the 72 names of God.

You can also awaken your DNA through mental reconnection by visualizing that your strands awaken and begin to shine, bringing all your divinity to matter.

Also, you can awaken it using this code:

"Ahum, ayué, ahuié"

This code will help you to restart your cellular system. Use it as many times as you want. Sing. Set the intention to activate your DNA strands, because from there will come the geometry that will reconnect you with your divinity.

Sing the code. Repeat it every day. Your frequency will increase by removing everything that damages and makes you impatient. It will give you back the pleasure of life and the truth.

Vibrate the code. Resonate and you will begin to live your divinity.

The Sirius High Council


Personal note: The code is in golden yellow color. I recommend visualizing it in that color and drawing it with your hand on paper, on the screen or in the air. Start at the outer tip and move towards the center. Then, draw the five outer lines. As you trace the code, chant the "mantra" Ahum, ayué, ahuié. The idea is that you chant the code for a few minutes, setting the intention to activate your DNA. When you finish singing it. Breathe and stay silent for a few seconds. You will feel various sensations in your body as your geometry rearranges itself.Repeat the exercise for several days and you will start to notice the changes :)

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