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There are five reasons to forgive.

The first, forgiveness is a human resource to restore energy balance. When you forgive you are giving yourself permission to restore your inner balance. Holding onto hatred, anger, frustration and lies leads to an energetic imbalance of your inner forces, anchoring you to emotions that make your field a magnet that creates similar situations.

Second, forgiveness is a false bargaining chip. You think that forgiving is a compassionate act towards another, but in reality it is an act of kindness and generosity towards yourself. When you forgive, you are giving yourself permission to be happy again, to be at peace with yourself again. Can you imagine the gift?

Third, forgiving is a release from a burden. Imagine that you carry two tons of manure on your back. How do you think you would walk? Well, that's how it is to walk with a grudge in your heart.

Fourth, to forgive is to transcend your own limits. Do not think that life situations are there to torture you. No, you have created them to transcend them. Imagine that you are children playing to pass obstacles. What happens when the child cannot pass his own obstacle? He laughs and tries again since he has created it to play. Look at each situation in your life as a learning scenario and you will never get tired of playing.

Fifth, love comes before everything and forgiving is also an act of love towards yourself.

With love,

Michael, Chamuel and Raguel


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