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Compassionate surrendering, the surrender that admits the pain of others with the same acceptance and honesty with which you admit your own, is the true meaning of empathy.

Empathy is not in being able to feel the pain of others or silence it out of pity and grief. Empathy develops when you accept that pain as a wise choice of the one in front of you. His soul chose to experience a painful experience in order to reconcile his inner polarities.

From the human point of view you do not see it, because your instinct tends to seek conciliation in all things. So, you try to help this soul by removing his pain, but the soul is wise; and knows that it is the best way to learn what he proposed himself for this incarnation. You will find, then, that he will seek to recreate the same situation in another context.

But do not feel useless. If your soul has a connection with the one who is suffering, it is because you have chosen to learn to develop the spiritual potential of empathy in this incarnation. Look at him with eyes of supreme love. Understand that in the midst of so much pain and frustration there is a wise being seeking his evolution. Talk to him, propose a different perspective, a different view on things and accompany him in silence until that soul decides to do his learning in a different way.

Your example will be the best company. Order your field, feel fullfilled and happy. This will be the best tool to show others that you are capable of learning from love.



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