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Finding your true path is only possible when you learn to let go of control, of the need to rule over others and of ceding your own power.

When you surrender to the flow of life you will experience the discomfort of lack of control, first of all; but later, you will be surprised by the magic that begins to take place in all areas of life. What you call "synchronicities", "miracles" or "blessings" will multiply, because you were not born to suffer.

Suffering is only a consequence of attachment to the need for control and submission to oneself or others. Therefore, when you open yourself to the flow of life, suffering disappears, because the attachment to "ought to be" vanishes to simply allow yourself to "be".

What are you afraid of losing if you let go of control?

What are you afraid that would happen?

What are you afraid that would not happen?

Now, ask yourself, what would be the worst consequence if what you fear were to happen? Would you be able to solve it?

Is it really crucial to prevent this from happening in your life?

Do you see it?

Most likely your need for control is just an idea in your mind. It is not your responsibility to help others on their learning path. You are responsible for your creations. Allow others to take responsibility for theirs.

With love,

Uriel, Michael and Chamuel


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