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The inner voice is what you call intuition; that little voice that shows you the way.

To reconnect with your inner voice you must learn to trust yourself. You must learn to see yourself as wise beings. You must change the paradigm about your relationship with divinity.

Your connection with the divine is sacred, for you are the same original source. You do not need anything other than your own will to start the path of reconnection with the source. Join in freedom to the great call. Surrender to that process and let your inner voice show you the path of reconnection.

There are three steps you can follow in the reconnection process.

The first is to activate the intuition. Your intuition is always active, as it is the compass that shows you the way back. To activate it, imagine that a light is turned on in the middle of your amygdala between the hypophysis and the pineal gland and is projected through the third eye. Hold the vision several times a day. You will notice the changes after a while.

Second, before going to sleep ask the divine to show you the path of reconnection with the source. Tell it to guide you in a very clear and specific way. Ask it to show you the clues, the signs, the people and the information that will lead you back home.

Third, reconnect with the heart. Open your heart. The reconnection with your inner voice will show you everything that limits you to resonate with your own frequency. Be compassionate with yourself. Love yourself and feel the love that sustains you. Embrace it all in unity.

Chamuel, Uriel, Raphael and Michael

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