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Ritualizing your existence without consciousness will only lead you to experience emptiness, restlessness at the end of the party. Therefore:

  1. Bring awareness to your daily ritual.

  2. Establish daily activities that bring intention to your life. Return to the simplicity of daily living.

  3. Listen to yourself: what is essential in my day? What must I do in my day? Now ask yourself, is it really so essential to do it today?

  4. Discern, distribute the tasks from the essential to the non-essential. You will find that your time is perfect and sufficient for all the essential tasks of your day. Everything else, you have already said it, it is not essential.

  5. Check your agenda and write down:

"Today I will only do the essentials. Everything else I surrender to life".

Now remember that love is consciousness and will never be to the detriment of your physical health or your psycho-emotional well-being.

Rest, relax. Give yourself spaces of relaxation and reunion with yourself.

Ariel, Gabriel and Uriel


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