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Cristina: What is love? Not from the point of view of biology, but from the expression of the spirit.

Higher Self: From biology, love is the interpretation we make of the physiological response produced by hormones. From the being, love is eternity itself. It is the realization that everything exists always and forever. Nothing dies, nothing is destroyed, nothing is created, everything is transformed.

Love gives rise to all things. Love assigns a role to everything that exists; and it is that love that has created you and created all the parts of you.

Cristina: How to love myself?

Higher Self: Anchoring this understanding of what genuine love is. Self love is not looking good in front of the mirror. Self love is the complete and genuine acceptance of all that I am, of my insecurities, of my strengths. It is to accept them. Recognize them. Experiment, strengthen or change them if it is the time. This is Love.

Write down on a piece of paper all your qualities (physical and personal)

Write down your spiritual strengths (freedom, detachment, beauty, etc.)

Write down your full potential (What could you do and would you be able to do that you are not already doing?)

Write everything you long for from your heart.

Now compare your answers. Find the common factor. Circle the most related ones.

Now write down your insecurities. Write what you are afraid of. How could you overcome them?

Now compare the first list with the second. Do you have the qualities to face your fears and insecurities?

Cristina: ... Yes ...

Higher Self: You are a complete being and your shadows are only there for you to recognize how great you are.


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