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The Sirius High Council: The spiritual path is the integration of the concepts of life and death. You are used to waiting for the path to be opened for you because you are the children of some universal father, but the path is already open, it always has been.

The spiritual path is the recognition of the spirit that you are. No one will come to open the way for you, you will open it yourselves with your decision power.

Look, see beyond your reality. You are just energy vibrating at a frequency. Resolve the internal dichotomy between your faith and internal trust. Faith in another is the confidence that you need to awaken in yourselves.

Cristina: How to recover internal trust and stop placing it in another?

The Sirius High Council: See, the simplicity of life is only perceived when you believe that you are free to feel, live and perceive that simplicity. Likewise, your confidence is restored when you allow yourself to look within and recognize all your divine potentials.

You are capable of creating and living your creation. If you are capable of manifesting, then you are capable of anything.

Express the intention now to trust yourself, to regain confidence in yourself.

Cristina: I manifest the firm will to trust myself and to bring to myself all the faith that I have placed in others. I express the intention to guide my own life and listen to my intuition.

The Sirius High Council: Visualize yourself hugging yourself. Embrace your wisest part and declare to it your unconditional love.

You are wise and your wisdom resonates throughout the Universe.

Be yourselves. Remember that you are human and divine. Remember, humans, remember.

Conversation with the Sirius High Council


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