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The framework of light runs through all times and spaces, carrying the universal impulse to all beings. Light is a way of transporting universal information about reconnection with the source.

What you call colors are actually various qualities of the spirit, they are information about the different aspects in which light vibrates.

For example, what you see as red is the quality of the Earth, the natural quality of the spirit to materialize itself, to become earth. Hence, when you lack an anchor, you can invoke the color red to feel all the universal support that embraces you.

You can invoke green to vibrate in freedom. When you feel that your heart closes due to pain or sorrow, you can visualize it wrapped in green and opening like the lotus flower.

When you feel anguish about the future, calm the mind with the violet color. Visualize your mind wrapped in violet. Let this color spin clockwise and dissolve all distortion of the present and all fear of the future.

If you remain in a prolonged lethargy, light up your fire with the orange color. Feel it in your belly filling it with strength.

But if you feel very active, without peace, then invoke white. Bathe your entire body in white color from head to toe.

If you feel like expressing yourself but can not find the words, look for blue. Imagine yourself wrapped in a brilliant blue color and speak.

Your bodies are a light resonance. They are a complex construct of light frequencies.

The Sirius High Council


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