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THE 05.05 PORTAL 馃く

The 11.11 portal gave you the key to open the new paradigm. Many of you have entered into the process of surrendering to the false forms created by the mind, to dare to join the great critical mass that is preparing for the great expansion of mass consciousness that the coming months bring you.

Many of you will take the great quantum leap into humanity in consciousness, thus knowing your current limitations and pains as mere aspects of human experimentation.

Many of you have wanted to be happier and feel more fulfilled. That intention is manifested now. You must cross the bridge that connects you with your current reality and the one you are wishing for. It is time to walk together in consciousness and cross the bridge. We will advance step by step until we give you the power to be your own masters and guides.

Place your being in the future, what do you want to be? how do you want to feel? who are you in the future?

Today, you begin to become the beings of the future. Now, tune in to your inner light, connect with the sun and bring light to each of your cells.

The light of the sun reprograms you today to live the new humanity. In this portal 5.5, the Earth marks the beginning of a new cycle of learning now from the spiritual consciousness. Everything that does not observe the crystalline purity of its heart will tend to be transformed.

What aspects of your being need to be transformed today? Tell the sun to transform them into Christ consciousness.

With love,

Michael, Raphael, Chamuel and Adariel



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