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Conscious parenting is one of the attributes of the new time.

Today's adults hold the key to the new humanity. Today's adults are key to building a new society. On you rests the responsibility of the transformation. It will be you who will open the way to a new way of thinking, feeling and living. Your descendants will honor your seed by creating the new societies.

Your work as fathers, mothers, grandfathers and grandmothers of future generations is therefore of great value. You open the way to the recognition of the being, the essence and the spirit beyond forms and mental constructs. You are the beginning of a new humanity connected with the light of the great spirit.

Now you understand, beloved, why we approach you, since you are the origin of a new world.

Go to your origin, reconnect with your essence. Remember who you are and teach it to your descendants. They will do the rest.

With love,

Chamuel and Michael



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