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Earth's current situation is a transition into expanding self-awareness. It is an expression of its own willingness to expand and recognize itself as a creator.

The Earth is going through a historic moment in its process of evolution in consciousness. You are the neurons that make the conscious process. You are the key to the new dawn. The language of the Earth is transmitted through you.

You play at being children when you are already stellar adults. Game time is over. You rush into the galactic dawn and you will be seen by your light siblings for what you are: galactic adults.

Take responsibility for your actions. Live the new dawn from the heart. Unite your rhythm to that of the planet that welcomes and protects you. You are the consciousness of the planet.

Cristina: What do you mean by the galactic dawn?

The Sirius High Council: The awakening of the galaxy from the slumber of darkness. Our galaxy went through a system of cycles away from light. The return to the Source is approaching and we will all converge in the same cycle of light. The Earth has been called to be part of this great celebration. You are the Earth. You are invited to celebrate with the rest of the galaxy. Unite humans! Unite in this new cycle of light!

Embrace your light. Embrace what you are. Accept this reunion. You are magicians. You are stellar alchemists. You are children of the light.

Live in freedom, humans. You are free, free creators. Get together in a network and create the critical mass to reopen the Eden Garden. You are your own creation.

The Sirius High Council


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