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Organize your inner world in such a way that it is a matter of reorganizing patterns and not of overcoming patterns.

Life is a set of patterns anchored in matter seeking to be interpreted to give them meaning. If you organize your inner world in such a way that you recognize every part of yourself, every time you encounter a challenge in life, it will only be a matter of reordering the inner world, instead of overcoming it. You will know exactly which pattern needs to be readjusted, recalibrated, rebalanced to give a new meaning to your life. You will no longer need to overcome the pattern as a limitation in your life.

For this reason, the key to living a life in harmony is the self-recognition of all your patterns, of your most instinctive impulses. Do not judge them, observe them, and by observing yourself, you will be able to draw the map of your life.

What do you think of life?

What do you say about conscious love?

What do you imagine the world can be?

Ask more questions to your answers.

When you recognize each part of you, each belief, each self-imposed idea about yourself, you will have the map of who you think you are and, only in this way, you will be able to reorder your reality.

We encourage you to live an authentic life. We encourage you to Be. We encourage you to live your gift: To be gods on Earth.

With love,

Archangels Michael, Chamuel and Gabriel


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