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Note: The text below is an excerpt from a conversation with one of my spirit guides. I asked her to guide me in a moment of confusion, in which, due to a conflict with another person, I wonder if happiness really exists or is a human illusion.

Mother Mary: Forget everything that comes from non-joy, misfortune and non-pleasure. Take the reins of your life from love and abundance. To live in joy you have to believe in your ability to enjoy the human existence.

Inner unity is also a state of consciousness of deep acceptance. Share with the world the acceptance for life as it is. Share with the planet the love for the experience as it is. Joy and bliss are not found in the search for external perfection but in the acceptance that everything is perfect, including pain.

Dedication to living a world in peace also means reconciling with the idea of suffering. We suffer because we do not accept the event of life. Suffering is resistance to change. Suffering is not a north, nor a misfortune, it is another state of consciousness that resists to understand the processes of life.

Love, surrender to the joy of being on Earth. Love and surrender to the experience that this planet of light offers you.

Love and live. Experiment. Enjoy experimentation. There is no mistake, only love.

Implement everything you know. Put it at the service of divinity. Empty yourself and surrender that emptiness to the divine. She will fill you with joy and bliss for you to share with others.

Cristina: Thank you, Mother Mary. I understand what you're saying, but I'm still frustrated by that person's behavior. I don't understand why she overreacted.

Mother Mary: Frustration over the behavior of others is the resistance to discovering our inner potential and our shadows, because where there is a shadow there is a potential to love ourselves unconditionally.

The duality of experience on Earth sometimes clouds our vision, but remember, the world always has two faces: the pleasant and the good.

The pleasant is everything that encourages us to feel happy and enjoy life, friendly relations. The good one is everything that leads us to search for our internal potentials. It may not be so comfortable, but it is "good" for the evolution of the soul.

With love,



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