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The virtues of the soul are many and very varied. Some of you summarize them in three, others in 33. The important thing is that you know that all those virtues are emotional resources so that you can integrate and transcend life's learning experiences. Remember that life always gives you what you can hold.

Pay attention to the following resources that we propose:

  • Love: Use the resource of love when you feel devalued, abandoned, rejected, disrespected. Embrace the situation in this emotional resource.

  • Cooperation: Use this resource when you feel exhausted and blocked. If you feel that life is not working for you, activate this resource.

  • Freedom: When you feel disempowered, use this resource. It will help you to recover your inner power.

To activate these soul resources tune in to your inner frequency. Go to the heart. Visualize it expanding creating a whirlwind of golden light within you.

Put your hands on your chest and say:

"I activate my spiritual resource of (...resource name...) in this situation."

Take the situation you are going through and wrap it in the same color as the light that expands within you.

You will notice profound changes in your way of observing that learning experience and this will help you to solve it.

With love,

Michael, Chamuel and Zadquiel


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