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The mind easily gets stuck in time loops that become inoperative when you ask life to take of everything that humanly you can no longer solve.

The path of spiritual awakening, as you call it, consists of getting out of those time loops and surrendering to live the new.

"The new" already exists since everything coexists in a single instant, but you will see it as new, since for the first time your mind will enter to experience a new timeline.

Can you avoid the process? No. You have chosen to live the transition and that is why you have incarnated now.

Can you make the transition process easier? Yes. Be aware of the process. Great detachment from your internal structures is the key to transformation. Understand yourself as beings in constant transformation and you will make everything easier.

These are times of innovation, of change. These are times to learn the new, to harmonize with the new time. These are times to anchor a new timeline in your mind. These are times to understand that you are infinite.

The magic of the new time floods you. Tune in. Harmonize among yourselves and you will help each other to cross as the brothers that you are. Be brotherhood. Be one. That is the call of the new time. You came to Earth to experiment. Live and share.

The White Brotherhood, Michael and Gabriel



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