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Planetary consciousness expands. All beings on Earth experience this expansion as all are the Earth.

The commitment to yourselves, your spiritual awakening and your soul is increasingly significant to make a transition in harmony capable of housing all the universal force that the Earth receives at this time.

Be your own masters. Become your spiritual guides and masters. On the other side of the veil we will always be willing to help you empower yourself, transcend your own limits and recover your inner power.

Be coherent with your actions. Be loving with your own learning. You have agreed to be a part of a great universal test and you have agreed to be a part of this transition. It is not a minor event, on the contrary, it is a great test of almic learning.

Appreciate your effort. Love each other as the infinite beings that you are. Ask for assistance, if you need it. We are at your service united in a single portal of light.

Embrace your strength and love your being. You are everything you have waited for.

Jesus Sananda



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