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Humans, define the New World. Your actions, emotions and thoughts will define the New World, the New Dawn. It is you who will create the New World.

The New World, the New Earth, will not be on a separate planet. You will live it here. This is your home and it is you who must build it.

Look around you, what do you see? What you see is your own consciousness. If you only see misery, you will only be vibrating in misery, but if you are able to see love, neutrality in all things, then you are seeing the New World. Do you see?

The New World is not an external place. It is the construction of your inner world that you project externally.

Be you this New World.

Be you the New Dawn.

Be you the light of the New Day.

Be you the Reborn to a new world in harmony.

Your cosmic history is still unknown to many of you. We will be telling you fragments of your origin. Keep in mind that you are the purest project of the creator to find a council among all its creations. You are the release of an energetic charge that has brought us to this planet to awaken universal harmony. You are the children of creation. You are siblings of a universal system that advances towards the reunion with the light of creation.

Humans, you are wise creatures. Remember who you really are and your gift will be returned to you. You are God in expansion. Remember humans, remember.

Sirius High Council


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