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The universal voids do not correspond to races lost in the shadows of creation, but to souls that one day voluntarily decided to move away from creation. These souls today incarnate on Earth to recover their original design, to find their divinity. You are not just human, you are human and you are divine. You have incarnated on Earth with the sole task of understanding that you are gods incarnated.

Acknowledge your divinity. Recognize that the Source lives in you and at the same time you are the Source. Acknowledge your power and move on.

There is not a human on Earth who is not part of the eternal circuit of recycling and compensation of the divine energy. All of you are part of a network, a single current of energy that you call Planet Earth.

Your consciousness is the consciousness of the Earth. Your thoughts are the thoughts of the great Gaia. You are the neural system of a planet in evolution; and if you want your planet to vibrate in peace, you have to be the peace that you hope to find on Earth. There will not be a place in space where you can find harmony if your energy is disharmonic.

We explain this to you not so that you live in fear, but that you choose your inner peace.

Choosing your inner peace will lead you to see a different reality on the Earth surface and will connect you with higher realities of consciousness. It will allow you to innovate with new planetary technologies, new ways of thinking and doing politics. It will allow you to imagine a world of conscious evolution.

A great gift awaits you if you choose to open your heart. Allow yourself to be vulnerable, feel and live your emotions.

A great gift awaits you if you choose to be brave and choose self-control over sensory self-stimulation that seeks to evade inner reality.

You are able to choose for you are free to be gods on Earth.

Be encouraged to live your Truth and everything will be given to you.

Archangels Gabriel, Michael, Chamuel and Raquel


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