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The world is a reflection of yourself. Your reality is nothing other than your Being in expansion. Look closely, each being around you has an aspect of yourself.

Plants connect with the Earth through their roots, inhaling and receiving what is necessary to live. You connect with the plants through your food, receiving from there the love of the Earth. You give back that love to the Earth through your human creations and your own biological compost, the shit. It is a constant recycling cycle of universal energy.

The Earth gives you everything you need to live, because the Earth is not your home, it is your stem cell. You are the physical reflection of the Earth, since your biological composition is of the Earth. At the same time, you are the emotional reflection of the Earth. Its emotions are yours. The Earth cries, feels misunderstood, sings, laughs and breathes, just like you. The Earth lives in a constant celebration of existence; and that's how you have to perceive it.

Now that you understand that you are the Earth, look at your brothers, your loved ones, your friends, lovers for what they are: another neuron of the Earth. Their emotions are also yours because you both live in the same organism, you are both the same organism.

When one of your neurons is stressed, it immediately communicates it to the entire neural network and this in turn communicates it to the rest of the body, until all your cells and organs are stressed. Hence, a single neuron can make a difference.

Tell your network your truth. Make the difference and you will change your reality.

With love,



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