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Resonate with the voice of your heart. Your heart beats in unison with your voice. Both vibrate in resonance. Your heart speaks and gives you signs. Listen to them.

The Universe rotates in a spiral called Nebadon. The Universe is the spiral of Nebadon. Music is the path of light over the universal forms. Each vibration is a unique and sacred chant. Each spiral rotates and in doing so generates a resonance that you call sound.

The Universe is a symphony of sounds that when resonating in communion is heard "OM", void, silence. In the third dimension you can vibrate each sound separately, it is the advantage of your dimension. You can separate each characteristic of the Being into a different sound. While we listen to "OM", you can know what integrates that "OM". Hence, you are universal masters. You are masters of the Being. You can experience it in every word, in every sound, in every color and geometry. Do you see? You have many ways of understanding the Being, the Universe, Nebadon.

You are creatures created for the recognition of the Being in all its dimensions. You live in a dimension where you can see yourself clearly. Observe each part of yourselves. This is also a challenge, as you may feel separation, but remember, you are ONE, one with the whole, one with the "OM". You are gods on Earth, because you have never stopped being the only God.

Understand, humans, your truth. Understand that you are galactic masters. You have not come to suffer, you have come to become masters in the illumination of all divine potentials.

We will tell you more about your origin, but keep in mind that knowing your origin only makes sense when you enable yourself to grow in consciousness. Your reality is broader than you have ever thought.

Resonate, humans. Sing. Your chants are heard.

With love,

Michael, Gabriel y Raphael


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