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The origin of all things, the One, is not a place in the cosmos. There is no specific place that can be called the One or God. The One is a set of energy without form or time. Imagine millions of united suns imploding and exploding, generating so much energy in endless waves that they in turn create more waves further and further away from the original explosion. That is the One: the process of contraction and expansion of energy to form realities, densities and even biology. Therefore, it is not possible to die.

No being truly dies. Beings return to God, to the One, they return to being that instant of contraction and expansion. Their essence is infinite.

Upon transcending life on Earth, your essence expands through the dimensions of the One. A part of your essence will continue to live in your ancestral chain until your descendants decide to transcend it. Another part of you will go to reunite with your higher consciousness; and another part of you will continue to experience in the other dimensions of the Being.

My dear human, do not suffer for a deceased relative, because he has not died; a part of him lives in you. A part of his own limitations, beliefs and pains lives in you waiting to be transcended. For this reason, do not avoid pain by hiding the limiting aspects of that relative, nor do you try to glorify them, since these are aspects that have become part of you so that from your divine wisdom you can transcend them.

Your ancestors live in you. Your ancestors are in you, in your patterns, in your beliefs, in your vision of reality; and it is your task to overcome those patterns, not to imitate them. Transcend them. Push yourself to change. Give the universal energy all the impulse to recycle the energy that has been stagnant for generations in the physical bodies of your ancestors, in your genetics. Do not be afraid to break these patterns, for the best way to honor your family is by transcending their limitations.

Try to identify the aspects of your mother, of your father in you; and you will notice that you have inherited some beliefs that today contradicts who you are or who you want to be. Overcome this belief.

Imagine your parents in front of you and thank them for coming to this reunion. Give them your belief and tell them that out of love for them and in honor of the entire clan you will overcome this belief and with it, all the mental, emotional and material limitations that you have created as a clan.

Thinking differently is the greatest evolutionary gift you can give your clan.

With love,

Mary and Joseph, parents of Jesus

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