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Naivety is a form of self-deception that should not be confused with innocence.

The innocence of a being portrays its inner purity. All of you are innocent as long as you love with your heart. You are all innocent when you feel the calm of being yourself from the purity of your being.

Do not hide who you are anymore. The world awaits your song. The world needs your voice, your unique tone. The world needs you to focus on the innocence of your heart.

Claim your voice and sing your song. It is time to sing and express your most sincere tone from the heart.

You think that others will reject you, will abandon you for being pure and genuine; but it is the opposite. The world awaits your voice, the unique song of your inner truth. Speak up and embrace who you are. You are pure and innocent... naive too, when you reject your inner truth.

Raphael, Michael, Uriel


Note: After channeling this message I have searched for what the word innocence means; and I have found this definition "Innocence: freedom from guilt or sin through being unacquainted with evil". Therefore, by saying that we are innocent, they are affirming that our true essence is free of guilt, even if the personality thinks otherwise.

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