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The fortune of being born on a blue planet is unmatched by any other experience in this universe. A blue planet is a being that awakens to its own creative consciousness and allows life to develop within itself. A blue planet is a source of light for the entire universe. It appears to be a new world, but in reality it is a wise consciousness that decides for itself to start developing its own process of evolution.

The Christ consciousness is, then, the recognition of that creative nature that inhabits all beings on this blue planet. The emanation of that Christ consciousness through the thoughts of each planetary neuron, that is, humans, causes the universal flame to light up.

The Christ consciousness does not correspond to a being that you have called The Christ. The Christ consciousness is the recognition of your trinity. The universe you inhabit is a triune universe. The great mind, the All, imagined what could happen if it created a universe in its image and likeness; one that could be like it. From there arose this universe that compresses all the qualities of the One in its entirety.

You have been confused with the idea of the personified Christ, but the message was clear. Each one of you is the Christ as long as you recognize yourselves as made in the image and likeness of the great mind.

The divine mind, the All, created itself in three stages: unity, duality and observation.

When it recognized that it was everything, it decided to see what it was capable of and created its opposite; but it understood that it could not observe itself that way; and so, it decided to observe itself, thus creating a universe in which it could see itself as its own creation. Hence, you are the observer, the creator and the created. The recognition of this truth is the essence of the Christ.

A triune universe is a universe of infinite wisdom; hence you are also wise by nature. You can understand what I tell you with your heart. Open your heart and receive this rain of light that illuminates your consciences.

With love,

The Christ


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