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 ℗ Cristina Rubiano. Photo of Arulmigu Marundheeshvarar Temple, Chennai, India

Reincarnation is a cycle provoked by yourself to seal your life learning experiences.

You do not incarnate because you did something "bad" somewhere else in the Universe. You incarnated to complete the mission that you proposed to yourself, i.e. to integrate the recognition of the Being, I AM.

And what is the Being?, you will say.

The Being is all that exists. The Universe, the Whole, the Cosmos, God understood in an instant that it was everything; and there it thought: if I am everything, who am I? And so it started looking for ways to recognize itself, creating fractals of itself that will help it understand who it is. One of those fractals is you, who, by living in multiple dimensions, manages to integrate the recognition of who you really are, the Being, the whole.

We do not come to teach you how to live, but to give you guidance so that you understand the Being that you are, and then decide how to live.

Show the world how you want to live, what you would like to do, how you would like to eat, and the world will answer your call.

And remember, you are here because you have chosen it for the sole purpose of completing your mystical learning process.

Michael, Uriel and Zadquiel


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