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The inner search begins with a question, with a word, with a tear. The inner search to return to the essence always begins with a simple trigger that unleashes endless internal questions.

The internal search does not arise from the contemplative state, nor from long spiritual sessions; but from honest questioning about yourself.

Beyond all the ideas and concepts about yourself there is a creative source, a consciousness that resonates the original tone looking for the exit to its own creations.

Beyond all your path and your story there is a Being gestating, imagining each life experience. That being is also you. That being is the essence that creates all your reality. That being is also you.

That being is you in its purest energy and it is who asks you to recognize it, because by doing so, you complete the learning cycle at this time.

You have come to understand who you are, here is the answer: You are your creator. You are everything you have been waiting for.

With love,

Mary, Jesus and Joseph



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