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Are you ready to be authentically and unapologetically you?

You are in the right place! Check out a selection of programs to help you restore harmony within yourself.

Reconnect mind & heart

Being very rational put us on autopilot leading us to lose focus and joy, but being very emotional prevents us from manifesting our projects. In the right balance between these two is the secret to expressing our authentic being in the matter and living in harmony with ourselves and others.

In this 10-week program (1 session per week) we will restore the connection between your mind and your heart. You will learn to be aware of your life experiences without having to suffer them and you will recognize the wisdom inside you.

In other words, you will learn to be your own spiritual guru!

Heal your inner child

Our childhood traumas do not heal over time, they hide and reappear in adulthood. Therefore, to create healthy relationships we should first heal our inner child and, thus, stop projecting onto others the pain that still afflicts us (even if we do not realize it).

Heal your wounds from the past in a Rapid Transformation Therapy® (RTT®) session. RTT® is a blended therapy that combines hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, neurolinguistic programming, and cognitive-behavioral therapy. It is an ideal technique to heal your inner child, release physical and emotional pain, change limiting beliefs, emotions and habits.

This is program is of two sessions in which we deal with one issue.

Conscious man

Men play a fundamental role in the awakening of planetary consciousness, since their energy will translate into matter what the feminine is gestating.

This three-session program is aimed specifically at men. It helps to heal and release memories of scarcity, abuse of power and loss of real or symbolic territory that might have taken place in your life or in your ancestral history.

Let go of guilt and lack of foregiveness

This program is aimed at working on forgiveness for oneself and/or others. It helps you to release energy that has been stagnated due to resentment or guilt. During the program you will be able to let go of grudges, hatred, lack of acceptance towards yourself and/or others.

The program includes minimum three sessions. However, the number of sessions may vary in each case.

Abundance activation

"Abundance is having what we need to develop our life purpose and mission".


Even when we have what we need to survive, but our records are disordered, abundance does not flow. In other words, we will attract to our reality what we do not really need; therefore we feel unhappy, anxious and fear the future.


This three-session program helps you to order the energy field so that abundance can flow in your life.

Do not know which program to choose?

Don't worry. Book a discovery call at no cost and we'll solve it together.

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