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    Aaron's message to the Earth was clear. You just have to be custodians of your reality and let it show you the way. You do not need to invent everything, just let the Universe work in your reality. The most beautiful reality is the one that is aligned with you, the one that already is. Your being sometimes wavers between the truth and the programming attached to life on Earth, but your center will always bring you back home. You are children of the great Universal Source. You are children of the Great Universal Mother-Father. Embrace this truth in me and you will recognize yourselves as masters of the truth. Enjoy the joy and happiness of knowing you were conceived in this great source. Your Mother, The Earth, Gaia 29.03.2023


    The portal has been opened preparing your minds for the entrance of a new planetary era. Your heart will open in the way that you yourselves allow it. Expansion of consciousness will happen only if you allow yourself to expand your consciousness. Consider that this expansion represents a leap into the void, giving you a new way of seeing life that is as unknown to you as it is fascinating. The change is now. The new energy will give you the impetus to let go of fear and move quickly into the new time. Imagine a new world where humans inhabit their true essence, a world of authentic beings. Your consciousness lights up to make way for the new. Raguel, Michael and Raphael


    Conscious parenting is one of the attributes of the new time. Today's adults hold the key to the new humanity. Today's adults are key to building a new society. On you rests the responsibility of the transformation. It will be you who will open the way to a new way of thinking, feeling and living. Your descendants will honor your seed by creating the new societies. Your work as fathers, mothers, grandfathers and grandmothers of future generations is therefore of great value. You open the way to the recognition of the being, the essence and the spirit beyond forms and mental constructs. You are the beginning of a new humanity connected with the light of the great spirit. Now you understand, beloved, why we approach you, since you are the origin of a new world. Go to your origin, reconnect with your essence. Remember who you are and teach it to your descendants. They will do the rest. With love, Chamuel and Michael 15.03.2023


    The human organism is composed of a series of systems. Each of them fulfills not only a biological function but also an energetic function. Each of the systems has the function of cultivating the balance of a part of your being. When that balance is broken, the other systems come in to solve the imbalance, thus bringing order back to each of the parties. Your body is a large energetic framework that is constantly purifying energy. Your body's alchemical ability is thwarted when you constantly feed it with low frequency energy. Your food is energy. What energy do you give to your body? What energy are you feeding your body with? Food plays an important role in sustaining your emotional balance, your internal stability and your bodily health. Michael and Chamuel 15.03.2023


    The memory of a world in harmony lives in each one of you. You have believed that the natural state of the human is to fight, but it is not so. The fight is based on the disagreement between what you really are and what you believe about yourselves. The natural state of the human is that of the spirit: a state of conscious neutrality from where you observe the whole. Culture has allowed you to build yourselves as societies to develop into what you are today; but you have forgotten that culture is an instrument of social cohesion. You have forgotten that the instrument was a tool and not the definition of who you really are. Hence, you seek to simulate in every aspect of your being (mind, emotion and body) your cultural patterns. Culture will always be a tool for social cohesion in a world divorced from its own essence. When you recognize who you are, then you will stop looking for identities and cultural affinities. You will begin to live from the freedom of being the spirit in the matter. Michael 15.03.2023


    Cristina: What is love? Not from the point of view of biology, but from the expression of the spirit. Higher Self: From biology, love is the interpretation we make of the physiological response produced by hormones. From the being, love is eternity itself. It is the realization that everything exists always and forever. Nothing dies, nothing is destroyed, nothing is created, everything is transformed. Love gives rise to all things. Love assigns a role to everything that exists; and it is that love that has created you and created all the parts of you. Cristina: How to love myself? Higher Self: Anchoring this understanding of what genuine love is. Self love is not looking good in front of the mirror. Self love is the complete and genuine acceptance of all that I am, of my insecurities, of my strengths. It is to accept them. Recognize them. Experiment, strengthen or change them if it is the time. This is Love. Write down on a piece of paper all your qualities (physical and personal) Write down your spiritual strengths (freedom, detachment, beauty, etc.) Write down your full potential (What could you do and would you be able to do that you are not already doing?) Write everything you long for from your heart. Now compare your answers. Find the common factor. Circle the most related ones. Now write down your insecurities. Write what you are afraid of. How could you overcome them? Now compare the first list with the second. Do you have the qualities to face your fears and insecurities? Cristina: ... Yes ... Higher Self: You are a complete being and your shadows are only there for you to recognize how great you are. 10.01.2023


    Humanity has become disenchanted with life, since it has romanticized it. It has decided to believe that life is a utopia; something beautiful but impossible. Humanity is in the process of recovering the joy of living, of learning to enjoy the moment that is life. This enormous inner healing process will lead you to remember the pleasure of being alive and the vitality that comes from joy. You start a new cycle, humans, if you so decide. The energy of heaven is available for you to open up to live from the abundance of joy. Make the decision consciously and open yourself to receive what is available to you. With love, Chamuel 02.03.2023


    The inner truth is lived in the heart. Your most important energy center is the heart. It is there where you keep all the information of who you really are. Opening the heart is a gradual process of inner communication. Showing your heart takes you to a state of higher vulnerability which many of you have avoided for lives. If you are willing to open your heart, you must accept with love everything that comes from there. You will surrender to the perfection of each moment and each word of yours. To live from the heart is to open yourself to the whole as it is beyond your individual perspectives and the romantic prejudices that you have created culturally. Living from the heart is the pure and genuine acceptance of life as it is presented to you. Michael, Raquel and Raphael 02.03.2023


    Emotional management is fundamental to being a co-creator. Your intention marks the objective, but it is the emotion that prints the vibrational frequency of the wave that you will receive in return when you achieve your objective. If your emotion is limiting, the end result will also limit you. If your emotion is expansive, the end result will expand you. If your emotion is neutral, the end result will be neutral. With what emotion are you creating? Joy expands you. Fear limits you. Anger, rebellion, frustration will help you get out of your current place, but they will lead you to co-create similar scenarios as long as you do not integrate the initial learning. Expand your mind, what else can you create today? What emotion accompanies you? Why do you want to create that? What for? Your answers will show you if your co-creation is a product of love and freedom or fear and separation. With love, Michael, Chamuel and Gabriel 01.03.2023


    Abundance is an aspect of the energy that comes from the original source and manifests in different ways; money and economic prosperity is just one of them. Abundance constantly manifests in your lives, but the illusion of separation makes you believe that it can only be manifested in a certain way. Abundance is infinite and unlimited, but your mind tends to put a container to everything that exists. Hence, your abundance manifests in your life in the same way that your mind is limited. So, beloved, what do you need to manifest greater abundance in your life? Exactly. To change the limits of your mind. Remember from now on that abundance is unlimited in you. Chamuel, Michael and Raguel 01.03.2023


    Scarcity is a mental belief that is sustained by the idea of separation from the original source. Experiencing scarcity has been one of the most important lessons in human evolution; as well as learn to trust their creative power. The experience on Earth is marked by endless learning experiences with a single purpose: to reconnect human consciousness with the original source. Hence, to experience abundance in your life, the first step is to reconnect with the sense of unity with the original source. Awaken your consciousness of unity. Remember that everything is woven into a large matrix, seeking to recognize each of its parts. You are part of that fabric. Chamuel, Michael and Gabriel


    Activate your inner flame. The current moment invites you to activate the will to go for those objectives that you have set for yourself. Enter your inner world. Imagine yourself wrapped in a golden white light that surrounds you forming an equilateral triangle between your heart and the palms of your hands. Imagine that at the upper end of the triangle you have the spiritual resource of love, at the far left end, cooperation, and, on the right, freedom. Activate the three resources imagining them as energy wheels that spin clockwise. Feel the heat of this activation illuminating your solar plexus. Feel the force that it provides you with giving direction to your actions. Repeat the exercise as many times as you think is necessary. Your willpower must express itself in these moments of infinite abundance. Chamuel, Michael and Gabriel 02.03.2023

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